Welcome Home Film

A look at life after the war

In 2015, Vietnam Veterans from the VA/Peace Ranch program harnessed their ideas about being “thanked for their service” to make an educational video.

Their project was taken on by Luke Broyles, a video prodigy and student at Interlochen High School. Each Veteran was interviewed at Peace Ranch and the compilation of these interviews were synthesized into a documentary video the Veterans titled ‘Welcome Home.’ The first preview of the film occurred at the 2016 VA Conference in Traverse City, MI and is continuing to win accolades at film festivals around the country!

Vietnam Veterans from the VA/Peace Ranch program in the Welcome Home Film by Luke Broyles.

Film Festival Accolades



Featured in The Record Eagle

TRAVERSE CITY — The family of a young Marine killed in the Vietnam War handed Larry Lelito their dead child’s uniform and burial flag.

They didn’t want it. They wanted to rid themselves of their son’s military service.

“They weren’t disrespectful to me, but they were disrespectful to the whole scene of Vietnam,” said Lelito, 70, another Marine veteran of the Vietnam War, who later helped bring dead Marines back to their families. “That was kind of hurtful.”



Meet the Filmmaker

Luke Broyles is an award-winning film director, producer, editor, and writer that is involved with almost every aspect of filmmaking through years of dedication and hard work. He created Luke Productions in 2005, based purely on a vision of sharing ideas that would captivate and motivate people to take action for worthy causes. Using film, he strives not only to delight, but influence the world around him.